HBS Finance is your one stop source for all Commercial Real Estate property financing. Our professional mortgage loan consultants goal is to analyze your situation and needs. Then we can get to work on securing the appropriate mortgage for you. When you choose our professional services, you receive the best mortgage program for your unique situation. You will experience a loan process that is pleasant and fast. We listen to our clients needs and will assist in every way possible.

If you believe that this is time to obtain a commercial loan refinance, we are ready to assist you. Many factors such as market interest rates, prepayment penalties, existing loan terms and the overall goals of the borrower come into play. We can analyze your own commercial loan refinance needs and assist you get the loan terms that will help you.

Mezzanine Financing

Whether your project requires a simple or complex solution, we have the right mezzanine or interim financing to help you get it done. Mezzanine financing – We can help you secure mezzanine financing for many property types. If you need to mezzanine financing, we can help you structure the mezzanine loan that meets your needs. Particularly in today's tight senior debt market, mezzanine financing is an increasingly important capital option for growing companies for many reasons.

Bridge Financing

Allow us to secure short-term financing to be utilized as a bridge loan until a permanent loan is arranged. Often a commercial borrower needs a bridge loan to facilitate the purchase of a property for a short period of time. Our bridge loans are specially designed for each borrower who are expecting to sell a property quickly or refinance it within the near future. Bridge loans are usually offered for terms of 12-24 months and many can be refinanced into long-term financing with us.

Private Money Loans

Private Money loans typically fall outside the guidelines of traditional loan institutions and subprime lenders due to the low credit scores, bankruptcy's and high debt ratios. Also a Private Money Loan is needed when a quick close is required. Typical candidates are customers with equity in real property that exceeds the loan value and cannot qualify with traditional lenders. 

Construction Financing

We can assist you with construction and renovation loans for office buildings and for multi-family apartment complexes. HBS Finance can handle construction loans for a wide array of project types. HBS Finance helps developers and investors find creative and competitive construction loans. Presenting your loan request to HBS Finance and we will find the best financing available for just about any size of Construction project.